WordPress 2.0 is here…

I will be the first to admit that I know very little about PHP and have only been running WordPress for about 2 months. Tonight I saw that WordPress 2.0 had been released and I had had just enought beer to say to myself, "hey, I should upgrade!" If I hadn't had the beer I would have known not to try it, but you know what, followed the instructions and was running WordPress 2.0 on my site in about 15 minutes. Great job WordPress! Read more [...]

6 year old sleepover

My daughter is having a sleepover with her friend tomorrow night and she presented me with a written list of what she wants to do during the sleepover. Can anybody help me decipher this? She wants to: paly games and liscin to my inp3 palyer haev pytsa wactv and dowl and wac a moovy She added the following to the list this morning (12/31/2005): read a book (everyone should be able to get that one) and look at the Cisrmois tryye and do my karoke liin to radyo disny Actually, I know Read more [...]

Smelly Phishing Bait

Phishing, that act of impersonating another person via email to get you to log in to a false website designed to steal your personal information is rampant. I get emails a few times a day from people claiming to be banks, PayPal, EBay etc... stating that my account has been breached and that I need to login to reactivate features that have been turned off to 'protect my security.' They always sound real, at least mostly real, but every once in a while there are telltale signs of something fishy with Read more [...]

As American as apple….

From the other room I heard my son telling my daughter to stop. First reaction, OK what now... as he comes running into my office saying "look what she did!" A little background first. My daughter has been into apples, but lately, she likes chewing the peel off of them and leaving most of the meat of the apple there. Don't ask me why, I don't know. As long as she is eating something even remotely healthy, I'm happy. So back to the story... He comes in holding this apple that she has 'peeled' Read more [...]

If I ever find James Michael Ward I’m gonna…

Who is James Michael Ward and what in the hell does he have to do with me? That's what I would like to know. I went to the DMV (BMV here in Ohio) to get plates for my new car and to renew my license. The plate thing went fine but when they got to my license, the system went down. No biggie, I decided to come back the next day since I am only a few minutes from the place. Well, the next day I went back and stood in line and watched as a few people ahead of me renewed their licenses. Good, system Read more [...]