Navy License Plates

For those of you who don't know, I am very recently retired from the Navy after 23 years. If you have ever seen my cars, you realize I like personalized license plates. I have changed them quite a few times whenever I find something that amuses me and have had such winners as ILBBAC, GEEKDAD, WARDRM, and currently HHRYNW8 on my HHR. I am going to get a Retired Armed Forces-Navy plate and I am having trouble deciding what to get on it to summarize my Navy time from being an Enlisted bubblehead Read more [...]

Guidare en Napoli, Uno Cento Uno

Or, Naples Driving 101, at least I think that is what that means. That is what I meant when I typed it. "Cars in Naples are either dented, dinged, scraped or are potentially one of those." J.J. O'Connor I am on my ninth (I think) trip to Naples courtesy of your tax dollars (directed at those employed tax-paying Americans) via the US Navy, and on my trips, I have made several observations that I thought I would document to help anyone who is traveling to Naples (Italy, not Florida) prepare for driving Read more [...]

An open letter to all who serve(d)…

I was asked by a colleague to write a short note to some individuals who were retiring from the Navy, kind of like a 'thanks from a grateful nation' thing. I was pleased with how it came out and was thinking it was appropriate for more people than originally intended, so I decided to post it here. It has been edited slightly from its original as I removed the remarks about retirement, otherwise it is presented as written. It is men and women like you who help give this country the freedoms that Read more [...]

Triple crossing…

On my website's About page, I have the following; "I have crossed beneath the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine, crossed over its surface on a ship and flew over it in an airplane. I have never met anyone else who has done all three." Well, the other day, I got an email from another gentleman who has done the Triple Cross, and get this, his name is Jerry Michael Ward, but he goes by Mike. Not only am I not the only person who has done the Triple Cross, I'm not even the only Mike Ward who has done it Read more [...]