The Green and Red of Mayo

The Green and Red of Mayo movie was made from pictures I took in Ireland in September of 2001. My wife, 3 children, my Mum and my inlaws all returned from the trip late in the evening on September 10th. The next day, everything changed and I made this movie in an effort to both remember and forget.

A little more of the story can be found below the movie as well as comments sent to me before I posted the movie on this blog. They are posted as they were written and have not been edited for content, spelling or grammar. They are from;

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Comments regarding my Mayo movie

I never knew that anything I ever created (except of course my children) could generate such a range of emotions. See the reviews below or to comment, please see the new movie blog.

I have added some commentary(in bold) where I saw fit and I have italicized my favorite comments from others.

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  1. Mike… nice photos! good job … thanks for the pleasure.
  2. Mike – what an outstanding show! We were just there in May/June and you brought back many great memories. Great photos and “packaging”! Well done!
  3. Mike, that`s fantastic!! The last few bars of the song where the words “Forever More” are coming up on the screen sent shivers through me. Excellent work sir!
  4. That was beautiful. Thanks for making me so “homesick” for Ireland this morning.
  5. What a beautiful piece you`ve done. Many compliments to you. You are very lucky to be able to have your memories in print. My husband and I were lucky enough to travel to the west coast in 1999 and 2000. We stayed in Westport. We climbed to the statue of St. Patrick at Croagh Patrick. Both years we traveled along the ocean. It was wonderful. We wanted to go back to Mayo so we could go to Achilles Island. We have cousins of cousins who live outside of Westport. The cousins were so gracious.This is really kind of difficult to respond to because my husband passed away six weeks ago today. I am not doing very well and I really just started looking at this site in the last week because I know my husband wants me to go back and do the things we talked about. But it`s like I was meant to find this site because we did have such a wonderful time. The pictures are so perfect and so is the music. Needless to say I`m crying my eyes out but at least we had the memories of going there together. I will be looking at the pictures again.Thank you.Originally posted in response to #5All,

    Thanks for the nice comments… please forward the URL to whoever you wish. I meant for the movie to be enjoyed.

    And for Peg, so sorry to hear of your loss. I never expected a story like yours and I wept earlier when I first read it. Hopefully his memory and wishes for you to return to Ireland will lead you to go so that you can enjoy it again as he looks down on you from above.

    My trip in September was bitter-sweet. My Grandmother, who we went to visit for her birthday, had a stroke a week or so before we got there. She was always such an energetic woman, and it pained me to see her in such a frail condition in the hospital. She met my wife and children for the first time, in fact my kids were the first subject out of her mouth when she first saw me. Because of her condition, all my relatives, many of which I hadn`t seen in years were in the area, so I got to see them all.

    We returned to the States late on the eve of September 11th. I woke late to go to work and sat in my car stunned as the news came over the radio, especially since me, my wife and children, my Mum, and my in-laws had just gotten off planes less than about 12 hours before. I created the movie in the next week or two that followed so I could recall the trip, and to get my mind off world events. On September 28th, my Grandma passed away, and I was recalled to active duty Navy on the 29th in support of the Global War on Terror (it was called Operation Noble Eagle then).

    The pictures you see in the movie have a lot of significance for me. My Mum`s birthhouse, her grandfather`s house, her uncle`s pub (Lavelle`s), the old Coast Guard station up the hill from where my Grandmother lived etc…. I am extremely glad that others are getting joy out of them also.

    Take Care All, and thanks again. You have made my endeavor even more rewarding for me.

  6. Thank you for the great pictures and music. I`m hoping to go home for good in a few years – give me a walk with my dog on a west of Ireland beach anyday!
  7. Mike I saw your movie, it`s lovely, left a hugh lump in my throat. I` going to sent it to my son if that`s alright.
  8. I forwarded this to all my family and a number of good friends. My best friend wanted to start planning our next trip (we were just there in June) Everyone was very impressed and thought it was just perfect how the music and pictures went together. I`ve watched it several times already…
  9. Stunning show. Thank you. I am going to Ireland in September – mainly Sligo and Mayo – and your movie has really inspired me.
  10. Hey Mike, that was amazing! I THOUGHT I recognized those windmills & then I saw that you were in the Mullet – they`re on the road between Ballina & Belmullet, no?Thanks for that – I`ve bookmarked it, will be sure to watch it again!!!
  11. Mike, Thank you for the wonderful movie. I have watched it many times myself and have shared it on our Family site. Thank you for the beauty you have sent our way. Be safe. God Bless.
  12. MIKE: Thank you for those wonderful pics. I enjoyed every moment. I know the area around that part of Mayo pretty well – also the Saw Doctors, since the original line up were products of my home town.
  13. Just went thru your pictures, they are lovely.I am from Belmullet I and loved to see you were there and also out around Blacksod.
  14. Mike – you are quite welcome for the comments. I enjoy the slideshow often – it really reminds me of our trip to Ireland last year – managed to spend a few days in Westport and we drove up to Achill Island one day and climbed halfway up Croagh Patrick the next day. So the pictures are of very familiar places.
  15. Hi! I have to be another one of your fans of yout “Scenes from Mayo” movie. Thanks so much for posting it!
  16. …even if it makes me homesick!
  17. Thanks Mike for the lovely pictures–It brought tears to my eyes and made me realize why my granny loved Ireland so much. My planned vacation there is still some time away(July 2005) but your pictures make me wish that I was there now! Thanks for the preview of Ireland.
  18. This is the most beautiful thing I`ve ever seen on IA, Mike.
    I`m sorry, I hadn`t noticed it before.
    IA is Irish Abroad dot com and the person who said this is a long time member there. I took it as high praise.
  19. Good to see you around, Mike. I still enjoying watching your Scenes from Mayo slideshow – brings back many fond memories!
  20. Exactly why i love Ireland so much! Good job for posting it.
  21. That is beautiful.Thank you very much.I hope it will stay just like that and never change.
  22. great wifes family are from ballina. i loved achill island.
  23. Thank you for the movie. It gave me a wonderful yearning to be there. I’ll be in that area in Sept/05 as part of my 3 wk. visit. I don’t know how I’m going to stand the wait.
  24. nice work Mike!
  25. Absolutely fab, Mike.
  26. heaven on earth is my only description and i will be there on wed afternoon…
  27. BRILLAINT!!!
  28. That video was really great. I never knew Mayo was so beautiful. I remember hearing the song for the first time about eight years ago and thinking that those guys, the Saw Doctors, must be from Mayo and that Mayo must be a really beautfiul place. Are people here fans of the Saw Doctors?Obviously NOT posted on the Saw Doctors site ๐Ÿ˜‰
  29. Fantabulous… Thanks. I’ll be there Friday, 3/18. Soaking up process will begin immediately.
  30. My family came from Mayo and that was so lovely to see!!!
  31. Got your site in my Favorites section and whenever I’m feeling edgy, frustrated or uptight… That’s the site I click on. Thatn’ a couple belts of Jamesons mellows me out.Do you really think its the movie that mellows him out?
  32. your a talented man with a camera compliments to you.
    i was in achill island on sat…its a beautiful place and mostly unspoiled.
  33. It must be nice for you to bring such pleasure to anyone with ties to Ireland. You have my vote for best short film – or fillum as we say!
  34. great film. brought back lots of good memories.spent a lot of time in mayo. wifes family from ballina.great timem on the moy.
  35. Great pictures. We often go to beautiful Mayo. Once saw a funeral cortege near Black Sod Bay 1978…. the longest ever. We were touring on a motorbike. Never found out who was so popular.
  36. I’m sure I told you before, but this film is really good and I bet it took a lot of time putting together.
  37. Wow, Mike!ย  This is awesome!!!ย  Thank you for sharing; I forwarded it to my husband.ย  We have always wanted to visit Ireland.
  38. Nice job! Sort of reminds me of Springboro…except without the rolling hills…mountains…uh, cool shops…and…uh…well…cows in the road.Nevermind.Springboro, Ohio, by the way, is nothing at all like Ireland.
  39. Good movie. Thanks for sharing. I love the coast line. Hope to visit some days to take some photographs.
  40. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Great job pulling the movie together too
  41. This is an awesome movie….THANKS for sharing
  42. Very cool stuff. I agree with Steve – someday I’ll get there (to play golf, of course).
  43. Very nice, well done.
  44. Very well done. Have you ever done one on the Navy?No on the Navy thing.
  45. AWESOME dude! Thanks for sharing!!
  46. I’m not even Irish and I liked the video… nice job! Absolutely, magnificent pictures.
  47. That is kick-ass!That one was from my boss and he never likes anything ๐Ÿ˜‰
  48. Very nice, thanks for sharing it Mike!
  49. Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  50. very cool!
  51. That was so very cool. What a nice way to end my St. Patrick’s Day!!!
  52. We were in Ireland in 1994 and I’ve waited to long to go back. This is beautiful. I’m sending it home so I can listen to it and I’m sending it to my father – Donald O’…
  53. From my sister the Dr. that doesn’t really like any personal e-mail. I am very selective on what I send her.” Tell your friend it was a GREAT movie. I really enjoyed it.”
  54. Hey, this is a great movie. The shots of them coming up the hill at Croagh Patrick gave me chills. Watched it twice, back to back. Beautiful stuff.That actually wasn’t Croagh Patrick they were coming up. That was my Mum, my wife and my sons coming up the hill next to where my Mum grew up on Achill.
  55. It was just great. Just like being at home and looking out the window. You have made my day, and I still live in Ireland, but many miles from Roscommon. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put it all together.My newest favorite, ‘just like being at home…’
  56. Enjoyed it! Nicely done.
  57. A friend told me about your sight, she has posted it on the Saw Doctors website so that we could all enjoy our favorite music group and some beautiful sights of Ireland…thank you.We are planning a trip to Ireland this fall…hopefully! Green and Red of Mayo is one of my favorites.I can”t wait to visit the areas you showed, we are planning from Dublin over to Galway at least, if not more.Thank you for a beautiful movie.
  58. What a wonderful way to start the day! My wife & I were over there last Jan to visit our daughter & your pics brought back some great memories. Thanks so much for sharing.
  59. Hi Mike, just had to email you thanks for the marriage of your glorious film of Ireland and Green & Red of Mayo.
  60. Just ran across this; I wonder if the lads got their royalties from it. :O)It seems to be a huge hit on a couple of non-Docs message boards.
  61. Wow! That’s excellent. Thank you.
  62. WOW! Thank you so much, Mike Ward. I am in tears. Ireland is truly the most beautiful place on earth. A place to call home.
  63. I just came in to check my favorite site before turning in for the night and followed this thread…Wow…I too am in tears….how beautiful.
  64. That is fantastic… Wonderful…now I know we have to go.
  65. That’s incredible. Thanks so much. I keep playing it over and over again.
  66. Well done!
  67. Thanks so much for sharing your movie Mike! It was very moving and brought back vivid memories of my own visits. It’s also an inspiration to follow through with my tentative plans to go over in October for a visit…
  68. Mike, it’s really a great movie – really, really. In fact, it sounds as if (from the comments above) you’d better get busy with another one. It could get ugly if you hold out on these people.I am thinking seriously about another Ireland movie and one with pictures from when I was mobilized to SW Asia right after 9/11.
  69. watched it last night, really good.
  70. There’s no option Mike – you have to get back over there and take some more photographs!I am now accepting donations for the ‘Send Mike to Ireland to get more pictures’ fund. Donations can be sent to…
  71. That was brilliant, loved it.Just makes you want to be there.Thank you
  72. It is a very well put together piece…
  73. excellent pictures and set to a brilliant track
  74. Just heard of the Saw Doctors a year ago March. Saw them first time at Hammerstein Ballroom and truly fell in love with their music. I”m a 60 year old lady and feel like a “groupie” going from one concert to the next. waiting for Aug. I live in NJ. Your movie was very moving. I am afraid to fly in my old age but am trying to get myself on a plane to visit Galway, Tuam, County Mayo/Clare Island. My dream now.
  75. Found this link on the Saw Doctors website and found your video FANTASTIC! Will be traveling to Ireland again this November and this video sure makes you want to go. Any more videos with Saw Doctors songs would sell at their concerts like wildfire…..Great idea…. not sure if the Docs would approve so I will just stick to the internet movies for now ๐Ÿ˜‰
  76. Thanks for abeautiful tribute to Mayo. We were on Achill in 2001 and in Oughterard when we heard of the tragedy. We were treated so well by the Itrish people. We went bac in 2002 and will return this year. Thanks again!
  77. stunning video – fantastic song by a fantastic band. now clare island – that song/place would make a superb movie!!As much as I would like to use Clare Island, I try to match the words to the pictures the best I can, and I just don’t have the material for that one. Thanks for the suggestion.
  78. Love the movie.
  79. Found your link on the SD site. How you linked the pics to the words of the Saw Doctors was excellent. My parents are from Mayo & I have been back several times. Next trip is in 3 weeks. My 14 yo loved the pic of the guy hopping into the boat! LOLThe picture of ‘that guy’ was taken right in front of my Grandmother’s house. He was from Innisbiggle, and I have many memories from my trips to Ireland where I would watch people travel back and forth to the island. My favorite is watching the cows swim over…
  80. Found movie on Sawdoc site.Class.My shop is on the movie in CBar.Best ad for West of Ire I ve ever could use that!Well done.“Best ad for West of Ire I ve ever seen.” Maybe I have a future in tourism promotion ๐Ÿ˜‰
  81. A lovely flash movie to go with the song. Have you seen the SawDocs? much better live than in person. My father grew up in Tuam (1917 to 1949) before coming to America. He climbed Crough Patrick. Thanks for the movie and for your service to AmericaPlease see the note on #54… ๐Ÿ™‚
  82. My sisters and I took my Dad to Ireland last week for his 70th birthday. (he is a huge Padraig Stevens fan, and now we got him hooked on the Docs too!) I checked the message board when we got home, and read your post. This is my Dads reply when I sent him your AWESOME clip to view. Thanks so much for doing such super job. It brought tears to our eyes. Brilliant!from her Dad:Great. We have to go back. It choked me up and the Saw Doctors to boot.
    It doesn”t get any better than that.
  83. I ve emailed the link to you movie to so many people around the world. As I said I really think it is the best I ve seen to capture the Mayo atmosphere.Same gentleman that made the comment in #80, and no, that is not a paid promotion. ๐Ÿ™‚
  84. I found your fantastic movie from the Haggerty”s Irish Culture and Customs page.Now I have to get a Saw Doctor”s CD…and go to Mayo on our next trip. Thanks so much for a wonderful piece of work.!
  85. Great presentation. Though I”ve never been there, it felt like home. Perhaps because my paternal greatgrandparents, Patrick P<snip> and Catherine K<snip> were from Ballina. I”ll keep it on my desktop to play it often.
  86. Thank you for allowing me to share your phenomenal graphic contribution about a beautiful land. You will enjoy a rainbow-filled future !“At least I got that goin’ for me…” ๐Ÿ˜‰ (That by the way is a line from Caddy Shack. Watch the movie and you will see what I mean.)
  87. I loved the show and to see Irland it this way just makes me want to go
  88. AWESOME!!!! I am an Irish-American lass on that OTHER green island without snakes… Hawaii. My ancestors are from Mayo. I have always loved this SONG… Your wonderful photos have made it even MORE SPECIAL to me.
  89. Fantastically well done Mike Ward…. Congrats on a very fine job. Inspiring as my people come from Mayo.
  90. Love the site and the Ireland movie is great. It brought back a lot of memories for me and my wife. We honeymooned there in 96.
  91. i love anything irish the music makes me feel deep and serene thanks hope for more
  92. Very good Mike ,was forwarded to me from friend in AU. I’m an East Belfast exile in Calif, USA. I enjoyed the scenery and the song was pretty good too.
  93. Hi Mike. I thoroughly enjoyed your Irish movie to the tune of The Saw Doctors. It was very well presented. I came from Belfast 35yrs. It made me homesick..This comment came from Australia. I wonder if those last two know each other?
  94. I have to say I enjoyed watching your film very much. At the moment it is raining outside here and it was nice to be transported, just for a time.Take care and keep up the good job.
  95. Wonderful – it brought back so many happy memories of holidays in that area.
  96. Your pictorial is lovely. Perfect song and photos
  97. I enjoyed the Green and Red of Ireland, thank you for sharing! A link from the Irish Culture and Customs newsletter brought me in and I’m happy for the find. I’m going to share it with my father now, whose family descends from Mayo. Thanks again.
  98. I must say I wanted to book a flight the moment it was over.
  99. Your movie & music is just beautiful.
  100. Beautiful music and pictures. Certainly brings back many happy memories of my two trips. Hopefully there”ll be a third. God willing!
  101. I really enjoyed the video & music. It brought back memories of Ireland where I spent some great times with my now deceased father. Thanks for the memories.
  102. Hello from France, I’ve just watched your presentation and some of the seascapes are beautiful and it’s fun to watch with the music.
  103. Friends of mine, living in London at the moment, just sold up their belongings to move back to Ireland. They sent me your page so Iget a feeling of where they will be living……… and yes…….. I want to move too!!
  104. G’day there Mike…an Irish friend of mine is building a house in that area and sent me your link to show me what the country is like …..I’m an Australian, so your short film has whetted my appetite to travel there….my elderly Dad who lives with us , was also thrilled with it…his ancestors [ and mine too I s’posse] came from County Mayo so he was most interested in seeing it…thanks for the excellent film.
  105. Thank you for sharing that beautiful film.
  106. Many blessings and thanks to you for putting up this page and sharing your pictures with us.It has touched something deep within me that longs to see Ireland.One day I too will get to see it in person.I love the heritage, the culture, the music.Thankyou!
  107. Just watched your video and it is brilliant I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
  108. Love the website and photos. The song and slideshow is grand. Wish it had a bit more delay on each image to savor them more.Finally got to see the photo in Pompeii that the guides would not let females see!Good job…Not sure exactly what Pompeii shot she meant, but you can see them here.
  109. I found it in an e-mail from… on her Ireland list. It is very nice but the pictures move to fast to fully enjoy them. The coast reminds me somewhat of Oregon – what I could see of it.Thanks for the comments and sorry for the speed. I am considering putting up a static display of the pics in the photo gallery if I can find the time. In the meantime, you can use the play and stop buttons to look at each.ย I have posted just the pictures (120 of them) from this trip. You can still use the stop and play buttons in the movie
  110. I found this site at… I will return many times , for the music and the beautiful photos.
  111. Great work!
    Very effective and interesting.
  112. Heard about your site on Midwest Irish Radio. I am from MI, and love your photography! Great photos on your site.
  113. Mike, I heard about you on Midwest Radio this morning with Gerry Glennan. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your movie on County Mayo. I am so sure my friend… will like it as well. I have never been to Ireland and I find this is a lovely way to show us the beautiful country side there. Will keep in contact to your web site.. Keep up the good work Mike..its just great.
  114. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful pictures of Mayo and enjoyed the song also. Have heard it a few time recently on which I just discovered through the Irish Emigrant….
    Did you take any pictures of Ballina, where I”m originally from ??I am a new fan of Midwest Irish Radio too. I highly recommend it!

*I have deleted any of the comments(or parts of comments) that didn’t necessarily pertain to the movie. I have also removed names and dates because honestly, it was just too hard to keep track of it all in the right order.

42 replies
  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I just got back from vacation and I was suprised to find comments here! ๐Ÿ™‚ The first week or so nothing was going on and I was begining to wonder if this thing was even on.

    I love all the comments, thanks so much! Keep coming back because I am slowly working on another movie.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    If you are interested, I have posted 120 pictures from this trip without the music in the Photos section of my site. You can see them under Photos/Ireland 2001.

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hey G&R,

    I tried to contact The Saw Doctors via email, as a matter of fact on the 8th of October, 2001, but I never got a reply from them. I credit them in the movie and I don’t make any money from it so I like to think I am doing some advertising for them ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, as a sign of good faith I think you should attempt to contact them, but I am not sure you will get a reply.

    When you get it done, let me know as I would love to see it. Please keep an eye here because another movie is coming together on my end.

    Good Luck

  4. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    I have never been to Ireland, but have wanted to visit forever! Now, I feel like it’s just a total REQUIREMENT! My grandma was born in County Mayo, so this movie has real meaning to me. My grandpa came from County Clare – so you have got to do one of that next! Thank you so much; what a beautiful movie! Now, I’m going to go watch it again!

  5. Mary Cusick Hansford
    Mary Cusick Hansford says:

    Your movie brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. I’ll probably never have the resources to travel to Ireland so this was wonderful. It gave me a chance to see a little of where my people came from. My great grandparents immigrated from Mayo in 1873. My Dad always told me Mayo was the county of poets and storytellers.

  6. Frank Holleran
    Frank Holleran says:

    A great movie/sound track Mike, well put together and a pleasure to view. As my people past are Mayo folk, it brought back memories of my childhood and teenage visits to Ireland..a real sense of belonging, makes one proud to be akin of a great land…I also had a school mate Mickie Ward..his family were Roscommon people… a great piece of work Mike.

  7. bernie
    bernie says:

    Mike my only connection with Mayo is a cousin’s late husband (a GREAT Man}. I loved the Movie. I was also impressed by your empathy with those who greave. Irish grandmothers; aren’t they something special.

    God Bless you and yours

  8. Heather
    Heather says:

    That was a great movie. Beautiful and the song – wow. Well done. My mother and I were in Co. Mayo in May of this year. Thank you for bringing back great memories.

  9. Peggy McDowd Whitlock
    Peggy McDowd Whitlock says:

    The movie and music are so beautiful . I watch it again again and sent it to my family. Thank ou so Much!

  10. Denise
    Denise says:

    My sister passed me your beautiful movie. I greatly enjoyed seeing the countryside of Ireland as both my grandparents imigrated from there. The pictures and music make a powerful statement. I have watched it any number of times and will do so again and again. Thank you for taking the time to create the movie and for sharing it with us.

  11. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    I spent a bit more then a month on Achill Island, last summer. Watching this brought back so many good memories, and the pictures are mirror images of some of my own. The song was perfect for how I felt when I left, and so made me smile to here everything about County Mayo that I fell inlove with termed so well. This was passed to me by someone who was there with me, and now I’ll pass it on to someone else. Thank you for reminding me of some of the things I had forgotten in the last year, and thank you for making me smile.

  12. Green N Red Forever
    Green N Red Forever says:

    Wow, just came across your site by accident whilst looking for something else and I was very impressed with your flash movie / photo album.

    I was thinking of doing something very similar with pics of the Mayo football team instead of the landscape and I was just wondering if you were in contact with the Sawdoctors before using the song ?

  13. jim lavelle
    jim lavelle says:

    hi mike:

    this past october my wife kathy and i visited ireland for the first time, finally! we spent most of the time in county mayo, visiting achill island, westport, and ballina. i dont know how i came upon your site, but watching the movie brings back so may great memories. coupling the movie with the “green and red of mayo is perfect. i probably watch the movie once a week.

    we discovered that our name, lavelle, is popular in mayo. we met chris lavelle, owner of lavelle’s bar in westport, stopped for gas on achill at ted lavelle’s, next to ted lavelle’s pub shown in your pictures. thanks for the great movie and memories of maigh eo, for it’s here that it came over me to stay forever more.

    jim lavelle

  14. Mike
    Mike says:


    Glad you liked it and thanks for posting. Ted Lavelle’s is a family bar (not sure if I mention that anywhere). My grandmother was a Lavelle and Ted (the original Ted) was her brother. Nice man but the bushiest eyebrows I ever saw, but I digress…

  15. Jim Kerrigan
    Jim Kerrigan says:

    Hi Mike;

    Have you a Ellen Lavelle in your family from Ireland? She was my great grandmother who married Martin Kerrigan in the US in 1873. Her first born daughter was named Bridet, so I guess her mothers name was Bridget. I’m having trouble finding the town where she was from, but I’ll never give up the hunt.
    Would like to hear from you, I plan on visiting Ireland again in the near future.
    Jim Kerrigan

  16. Eddie Murray
    Eddie Murray says:

    Just watched your Mayo movie…..EXCELLENT. I have sent in to those near and far!! As a life long fan (and Sufferer) of Mayo football team I would suggest ” To Win Just Once” by The Docs would be hugely inspiring!! Keep up the great work. Ed

  17. KD
    KD says:

    Hey just wanted to let you know your video has made its way to Bebo. Im in Limerick studying at UL and all the hype is this Bebo. It allows you to stay connected to all your friends, something like myspace, or facebook; and there is a flash box that allows for video and there it was. Mayo is brilliant, and yer video does a great job of proving that. Cheers!

  18. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks KD… I guess that gives me part of my answer. I wonder who it was on Bebo that thought I was post-worthy?

    I also wonder if I can get Bebo to pay me royalties ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Shamus Gearra
    Shamus Gearra says:

    Mighty job Mike. Great work on the production. I especially like the tune.
    I suppose the only follow up is another to the tune of Galway and Mayo or Clare Island sung by the lads from Tuam.

  20. Mike Ward
    Mike Ward says:

    I came across your site and needless to say I had to take a look. My grandfather, Martin John Ward, was from a small farming town near Castlebar, County Mayo. Still have a lot of relatives in the area I’m told. Nice Site.

  21. Martina M. (nee Lavelle)
    Martina M. (nee Lavelle) says:

    Loved the video. I’m off to Mayo in a couple of weeks to catch up with relatives. (My father was born and bred just outside Newport.) Can’t wait. Found your site by doing a search for Lavelle’s pub. Will give your regards to all in Mayo!

  22. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks Martina and have a great trip. Lavelle’s Pub, featured in the video was my great Uncle Ted’s, and was taken over by his son after his death as I understand it. I remember my great uncle from some of the trips I took over as a child… bushiest eyebrows I have ever seen on a man, but anyway.

    Have fun!

  23. Chuck Corrigan
    Chuck Corrigan says:

    Great movie!
    Our grandparents were from Achill, and we have visited several times.
    The pictures in your movie are very familiar. The gravestones at the end are of our ancestors at Kildownet Cemetary.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Mairtin O Ruadhain
    Mairtin O Ruadhain says:

    Hi Mike!
    Well done, Mike! That’s a fantastic bit of work. I watched/listened to it before last Sunday’s game on internet radio: Mayo vs Laois quarter-final replay which Mayo won 14 points to 10. Up Mayo. I’m from Castlebar, just below Main Street which you have in the video. I was a school principal on Achill Island in the 1960s. All those pictures brought me back and nice words and music by the Saw Ds. Living in Canada since the 1960s. Go back when I can. The website, dedicated to my Dad is a fairly amateurish effort, please excuse. Go raibh mile maith agat, a Mhichil! Mairtin/Martin

  25. Mike
    Mike says:


    Thanks for the great comments. Glad I could bring back some memories.

    My Mums family are all from Achill. Her parents were Michael and Nora McHugh. Granddad passed back in 1983 and Grandmum passed in 2001. My family all had the opportunity to meet her a few weeks before she passed, but I digress.

    Please stop by anytime and bring back some memories. I enjoyed your Dad’s music!

  26. Austin McHale
    Austin McHale says:

    Dear Mike,
    I was looking for some info on Mayo in the All-Ireland final when I came across your excellent video via Google. It really brought back that feeling of serenity I remember from looking at Croagh Patrick or smelling a turf fire.
    My Dad and all his family were from Emlagh, near Louisburgh, and we still have many relatives over there. We had a wonderful holiday in Westport (now officially Ireland’s tidiest town!) a few years ago, along with my brothers, sisters, partners and kids – 21 in all! Although we’re all based in England we get over when we can.
    Thanks again for the video – I’ll be recommending it!

  27. Martina Lavelle
    Martina Lavelle says:

    Was googling my name and found another Martina which associated with Lavelle. How cool is that? I know my family (distant) is from county Mayo. Great job with the video!

    May our paths cross one day,


  28. Martina M. (nee Lavelle)
    Martina M. (nee Lavelle) says:

    Hello Martina from Martina!
    Isn’t Martina Lavelle such a fantastic name?
    I looked up Martina Lavelle on Friends Reunited and I came across myself and another Martina. I emailed her and we now stay in touch (sporadically) via email.

    Went over to Newport, Westport, etc, in the summer and had a great time. I showed my children all the places that my father showed to me.
    Went back again this week – for a Lavelle funeral, unfortunately. It was under sad circumstances but it was still lovely to see all the family members, especially those who I hadn’t seen for some years.

    I’m going to watch this video again now!
    Regards to all Lavelles.

  29. Rebecca Shea
    Rebecca Shea says:

    Just about cried, I miss Ireland so much after visiting 5 years ago. This was beautiful. I would give anything to live there. The US has never been home to me.

  30. fruey (Let's Have It)
    fruey (Let's Have It) says:

    I was Googling for Green Red Mayo (thinking of the song) and your site is pretty much the first result for those terms.

    Really nice flash animation. I’ve loved the song “Green and Red of Mayo” for a long time (the whole album is excellent) and the pictures to go with it are well taken, well chosen and the timing is perfect.

    Great job.

  31. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Hi Mike,
    I moved back to Ireland to Mayo (left Dublin in ’89 as a kid) just over two years ago. Have since had to move to the Midlands, but am often up in Mayo. It’s amazing how you take the beauty of the county for granted until you look at something like this. My parents live in Lacken, not far from Blacksod. It truly is such a beautiful place, yet so few tourists bother with it and in a way, it’s almost nice to keep it like that! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for sharing!

  32. Mike McDermott
    Mike McDermott says:

    Good stuff. I got the web site from my cousin. I was in Mayo one year ago and took 400 pictures. We wanted to go back this year but until we have the 3 new passports that my wife and daughters need, we may have to settle for the Jersey shore.

  33. Stephen McGreal
    Stephen McGreal says:


    Loved the movie. I grew up in Dooniver and worked for your Aunt? Sile for a summer in your grandmothers house. Moved to the Midwest almost 20 years ago and try to travel back as often as possible. Will be setting up a link to your movie from my website as soon as I get home!



  34. Tom
    Tom says:

    Loved the movie! Made me want to go see it for myself. My mom is an Kerrigan from s mayo3 generations back. I googled mayo and found your site.
    ps what is the tribal sign. What does it mean.

    thanks, tom

  35. Mike
    Mike says:


    Sorry for the delay. I hadn’t realized a comment had been added.

    The tribal sign is my take on an MW turned into celtic knotwork. It is supposed to mean Mike Ward. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope that helped and thanks for stopping by.

  36. Rita Dexter
    Rita Dexter says:

    Dear Mike,

    I have been to Ireland 5 times now. Each time is a new adventure. I go with a chauffeur from Kinvara, IE

    You have some fantastic pictures. I never thought of doing something like that. I have a ton of pictures, as you can imagine.

    I will be going back again in October, 2008, with a niece and a nephew. It will be their 1st time.

    Whenever I now need a refresher on Ireland, I can come view your pictures. I have been to just about all the places. I have yet to see Aran Islands and Achill Island. Saving them for a time when I will be in a position to travel to someplace new. As you can guess, the 1st time the want to see what they’ve heard about. When you go back, is when you discover everything else.

    Thanks for a wonderful site.


    Fantastic! Stumbled across your movie while trawling to extend my family history..I have visited Mayo 3 times over the last few years, tracing my family grandparents, Henry and Honor (nora) lived and raised their family in Upper Caurain, Nr Parke/Turlough…there is even a stained glass window in Parke RC church to their memory..fantastic to see how well you have captured the beauty of the coast and countryside. I saw the Saw Doctors in Durham earlier this year..and the Red and Gold of Mayo,had such special meanin, especially as I have seen the ocean kissing Ireland! Am still looking for descendents of Lavelle family..if you think you may be related..would love to hear from

  38. Martina Lavelle
    Martina Lavelle says:

    Wow, I knew my relatives were from Mayo. But what’s with all these Martina’s? I of course am partial to the name.

  39. Colette Connolly
    Colette Connolly says:

    Great video. I’m from next door in Co. Sligo, but loved this all the same! I have relatives who live in Westport. I’ve been living in NY since 1986. Great work, and a great song!

  40. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    This July i was back home to Mayo for a family reunion. My grandmothers home is still there and these pictures remind me of everything i love about Mayo. I am a decendant of the McNulty’s from Glendahurk. Thank you for your video i found pieces of my heart scattered through your video. many blessings to you and your family. Today is the big match let’s go green and red! Up Mayo


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