6000 hits in 2 weeks….

OK, just checked out the stats for my little home on the web and I realized I have had about 6000 hits in the past 2 weeks. Cool, but huh…? Read more

The devil IS in the drink….

For reasons I won’t go into now, I was cleaning up my desk at work. Over my desk I have your usual office paraphernalia, a couple Sponge Bob toys, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible action figures (the wife and I bear a remarkable resemblance), and a few plants. Read more

Exactly how big are English livers?

Stumbled across this Navy headline in The Mirror on Wednesday night;


which of course begs the question, exactly how big were English livers in WWII? I mean, the Germans built 7 foot long bombs to take them out.

Jan obviously meant ‘live bomb’ but to remove any further ambiguity the headline was changed a few hours later to read; WW2 BOMB GETS BLOWN TO BLITZ.

I remember my first time…

I was standing in line at Starbucks on Sunday, waiting to get a little caffiene fix, when I overheard a 20 something male ask his friend a question about Frappuccinos. Not trying to listen in, but hearing what was being said anyway, the next thing out of his mouth surprised me. Read more