Happy Veterans Day!

To all who are serving, or have served, thanks. The BC Comic from today sums it up nicely.

Navy License Plates

For those of you who don’t know, I am very recently retired from the Navy after 23 years.

If you have ever seen my cars, you realize I like personalized license plates. I have changed them quite a few times whenever I find something that amuses me and have had such winners as ILBBAC, GEEKDAD, WARDRM, and currently HHRYNW8 on my HHR.

I am going to get a Retired Armed Forces-Navy plate and I am having trouble deciding what to get on it to summarize my Navy time from being an Enlisted bubblehead to a SWO/IP CDR. I considered NVRAGN (Never Again) but it was taken. A few others were too but the following are available.

  • QM CDR
  • FUUO
  • SWO SS
  • NO PRT

So, would love to hear your opinion on what I should get from the list, or, if you have a better idea (6 letters) please send it on.

Thanks in advance and I hope you all have the most joyous of holidays!

Guidare en Napoli, Uno Cento Uno

Or, Naples Driving 101, at least I think that is what that means. That is what I meant when I typed it.

“Cars in Naples are either dented, dinged, scraped or are potentially one of those.” J.J. O’Connor Read more

An open letter to all who serve(d)…

I was asked by a colleague to write a short note to some individuals who were retiring from the Navy, kind of like a ‘thanks from a grateful nation’ thing. I was pleased with how it came out and was thinking it was appropriate for more people than originally intended, so I decided to post it here. Read more

Triple crossing…

On my website’s About page, I have the following;

“I have crossed beneath the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine, crossed over its surface on a ship and flew over it in an airplane. I have never met anyone else who has done all three.”

Read more