Would you believe I have been to HRCs in Bahrain and Kuala Lumpur, but never Indianapolis and that’s just 1.5 hours away…

Special thanks to my foreign correspondents, the people who pick up a glass for me as they travel. They account for all the glasses that I have where I haven’t actually been to the club, and some of them where I have.

Hard Rock Tracker

Been there, drank that, got the shot!

Location Actually
Been There
Got That
(Logo Shot)
And That
(Other Shots)
Amsterdam X
Atlanta X 2005 City
Atlantic City 2018 City
Bahrain X X
Bali X X
Baltimore X X
Biloxi X 2018 City
Bogota X
Boston X
Cabo San Lucas X
Cairo X
Cayman Islands X X 2011 City
Chicago X 2005 City
Cozumel X X
Cleveland X X 2006 City
Denver X Short Shot
Destin X 2006 City
Dublin X
Edinburgh X
Florence X
Foxwoods X X 2004 City
Gatlinburg X X
Glasgow 2018 City
Guam X X
Hong Kong X X
Honolulu X X 2006 City
2012 City
2017 City
Indianapolis X 2006 City
Key West X 2005 City
Kona X 2004 City
Kuala Lumpur X X
Lake Tahoe 2013 City
Las Vegas X X 2005 City
Las Vegas Hotel X X
London X X 30th Ann. Shot
2006 City
Los Angeles X
Los Cabos X
Louisville X X 2005 City
2019 City
Madrid X
Mall of America X X 2014 City
Manchester X
Maui X 2008 City
Memphis 2009 City
Minneapolis X X 2006 City
2014 City
Montego Bay X
Nagoya X
Nashville X X 2013 City
Nassau X
Newport Beach X
New Orleans X X 2005 City
New York X
Niagara Falls, Canada X X 2012 City
Niagara Falls, NY X X 2012 Pin Collectors Shot
Oslo X
Orlando ???? City
Paris X
Pittsburgh X X 2006 City
2018 City
Rome X
San Antonio X 2006 City
2010 City
San Diego X X
San Francisco X
Singapore X X
St. Louis X X 2013 City
St. Thomas X
Tokyo (Roppongi) X X
Toronto 2005 City
Venice X
Washington DC X X 2004 City
2005 City
2006 City
2013 City
Yokohama X X