I am 3 Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

It goes like this:

Brian Cesak was in Fandango (1985) with Kevin Costner; Kevin Costner was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon; therefore Brian Cesak has a Bacon number of 2.

Brian Cesak, after his moment in the Hollywood sun joined the Navy. I was mobilized with Brian to Seventh Fleet onboard the USS Blue Ridge in support of the Global War on Terror right after 9/11. So, although I wasn’t in a movie, I worked with Brian and I am 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon!

I know, it means nothing really, but if you know me, you are 4 degrees 😉

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  1. ted
    ted says:

    When my mom was younger she babby sat Tom Hulce who latter played ‘Pinto’ in the movie Animal House. Keven Bacon was also in that movie. I believe his line was “Thank you sir may I have another?”


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