Kids Say v26.0

This was not from one of my kids, but it is definitely a keeper.

I was in Kroger, getting the ingredients to make my FIL peanut butter pie for his birthday, when I noticed a young boy (maybe 2), sitting in the cart, with a parent on either side of him, pulling off his shirt. I then saw the reason, he had gotten sick and it was all over him and a large puddle had formed on the floor. My heart went out to the parents, we have all been there, and they were struggling trying to get him squared away and request a cleanup on aisle 11.

I got what I needed from the aisle and started to walk away from them when I heard the boy speak. I didn’t hear the parents, but assume they said something to him like, ‘did you throw up?’, because in a loud voice I clearly heard him say, ‘I throw down’.

I literally LOL’d and turned to look at the parents. They were cracking up and even the little boy was smiling. Kids honesty and laughter, the best medicine 🙂

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