1 week, 6 days, 17 hours, and 17 minutes

In case you were wondering, that is the amount of time it takes to accumulate 5000 SPAM email messages in your spam folder.

Well, thats how long it took me. Would love to hear how long it takes somebody else.

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  1. Eric Meyer
    Eric Meyer says:

    It would take me roughly eleven days on my meyerweb account, which picks up 400-500 a day. So about the same as you. I wonder if we’re both at some sort of upper bound of current spam flow, or if it really can get worse than this.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:


    To be compared to you in any way is indeed an honor! I am going to tell everyone I know that I am ‘about the same’ as Eric Meyer, I just won’t tell them why. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Rockinmomma
    Rockinmomma says:

    In just 2 weeks in my yahoo I’ve aquired 2,701 spams and 145 actual emails…I use gmail for my daily emails so yahoo is checked less often but wow…that’s a lot in 2 weeks.

  4. Sue Straka
    Sue Straka says:

    When I’m working as a government contractor it takes me ONE DAY to accumulate over 1,000 email messages that are NOT SPAM.

    Spam: probably a week or less. Now, like a day.


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