6000 hits in 2 weeks….

OK, just checked out the stats for my little home on the web and I realized I have had about 6000 hits in the past 2 weeks. Cool, but huh…?

I mean, I am just a little guy (figuratively, not literally) and I can’t figure out why, so, if you are a new visitor please take just a minute and tell me how you found me.

Thanks and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “6000 hits in 2 weeks….”

  1. You found me. :-)

    .23% of hits are probably me, I post to my blog almost ever night and then poke my head in regularly on about 10 blogs looking for new posts.

  2. Well that explains it. Thanks for clearing up the mystery!

    The other reason may be, as I understand from a woman in Ireland, is that my ‘Green and Red of Mayo Movie’ has mad it to Bebo, which is another social networking site like MySpace. So Brian, while your significant contibutions have been noted, I think I found the other reason ;)

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