The birds and the bees…

It’s getting to be the time when the the boys start learning more about life. Noah, who is only 10 will have his first exposure to sex education at school this year, which is a little scary to me, and probably a lot worse for him.

So this morning while we were eating breakfast, there was some news story about two women who have written a book on a better way to handle the whole topic of the birds and the bees with your kids. So, with my usual sarcasm, I look at the kids and say ‘who can tell me about the birds and the bees?’ Almost immediately, Noah’s hand goes up like he is answering a question in class.

My first thought was, oh no, what does he know? I mean we have chatted about this sort of thing and he hasn’t really shown any interest, in fact, he is still in that ‘oh that’s gross’ stage of life. I also know that he hasn’t had that class at school yet.

So, I look at him and say, ‘OK buddy, what can you tell me about the birds and the bees?’ He looks up and says, ‘did you know that bees kill more people every year than sharks do?’

So maybe I don’t have to start worrying just yet. 😉

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    I’ve been trying to remember who told me that; I’ve repeated it several times since this past Friday and more importantly after the 1 large and 1 small Blue Moon.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks Daniel,

    We actually chat about that alot, and don’t worry, I was a Naval Officer for over 20 years so he has already heard most (probably all) of the dirty words 😉

  3. Daniel Johnson, Jr.
    Daniel Johnson, Jr. says:

    I’d just go ahead and tell him now. That way he learns about it from you first. I’d even use all the dirty words people use to describe what it is, along with what the “proper” terms are. Better he learns it from you correctly and in the way you want him to than having to correct later.

    That’s what we did with our 10-year old. Daughter.


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