The devil IS in the drink….

For reasons I won’t go into now, I was cleaning up my desk at work. Over my desk I have your usual office paraphernalia, a couple Sponge Bob toys, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible action figures (the wife and I bear a remarkable resemblance), and a few plants. The plants are clippings from the plants throughout the office that I just stick into old beer bottles where they ‘root’ and I can transplant them to a pot later.

Well, as I was cleaning, I knocked over one of the bottles and stood there horrified for a second as water streamed down the side of my monitor onto my external hard drive, mouse, and keyboard. I sprung into action and dried it all up without (apparently) any damage. I am still waiting to plug in the external hard drive after letting it get a drying out period.

And what you may ask is the point of all this. Well, when I finished cleaning up the mess, I returned to cleaning my desk and I happened to catch the label on the bottle that attacked my computer:

Devil Brew

I just had to laugh.

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