6 year old sleepover

My daughter is having a sleepover with her friend tomorrow night and she presented me with a written list of what she wants to do during the sleepover. Can anybody help me decipher this?

She wants to:

  • paly games
  • and liscin to my inp3 palyer
  • haev pytsa
  • wactv
  • and dowl
  • and wac a moovy

She added the following to the list this morning (12/31/2005):

  • read a book (everyone should be able to get that one)
  • and look at the Cisrmois tryye
  • and do my karoke
  • liin to radyo disny

Actually, I know what it says, I am getting good at reading 6yo script. I was just wondering what other people got out of that.

*Free beer to the first person to get it all right.

*Free beer must be picked up at Mike’s house.

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  1. Brian the Red
    Brian the Red says:

    * play games
    * listen to my MP3 player
    * have pizza
    * watch TV
    * and draw (guessing ????)
    * watch a movie

    * read a book
    * look at the Christmas tree
    * do my karaoke
    * listen to Radio Disney

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    And we have a winner!

    How many six year olds do you have Brian?

    To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would get ‘and draw’. Your guess was correct, as were all the other answers.

    Let me know what kind of beer you like and when you will be in Ohio 😉

  3. Brian the Red
    Brian the Red says:

    I currently have no six year olds, but have known a few.

    Dos Equis Dark, but don’t rush out and buy it just yet. First we have to wait until all chance of snow is gone and then it’ll take at least two days driving to go the ~600 miles.


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