Another Feis-tival


Hannah just completed her third Feis (1st as an Advanced Beginner), the Inaugural Buckeye State Feis, and she did quite well. If you take a look at the picture, you will see a 1st place ribbon for her reel, a 2nd place for her light jig and a 3rd place for her slip jig.

Way to go Hannah!

3 thoughts on “Another Feis-tival”

  1. Congratulations Hannah!!! You rock :-) And I LOVE the dress.

    Keep on reeling and jigging.

    Mr. Ogi

  2. Congratulations Hannah. You are brilliant….You should get an extra prize for having to wear the headgear… are prettier without it.
    Love, Auntie Sheila

  3. Congratulation Hannah,

    Daddy needs to take more view of you dancing for us to see. Happy dancing.

    Love Grandma Eva and Granpa Gene

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