Its a Feis-tival

Yesterday, Hannah had her first Feis (pronounced fesh), an Irish Dance competition. We were up at 5 a.m. to brave the traffic and crowds we knew would be lining up at the Queen City Feis in Cincinnati. We got there in plenty of time (6:30a.m.) for our 7:00 registration.

We managed to push our way up to the head of the line with the only other family that happened to show up that early, and got registered. Having a little time to kill (an hour and a half) we found a lovely hotel restaurant and had a little continental breakfast while we waited for the events to start.

At 8:30, the National Anthems of Ireland, Canada and the United States were sung and the competition was off. Being a beginner, Hannah’s dances were both early in the day. She danced the Reel (click the play button below to see the reel) and the Jig along with girls from a number of other Midwest Dance schools.

After the dancing, we waited patiently as the scores were tallied. As the Reel scores were posted, Hannah was very pleased to find she had placed 3rd. Well, Daddy and Noah were pleased to find she had placed 3rd, Hannah had gone to the bathroom with Mommy. Five minutes later, with Hannah walking around with her 3rd place medal, the scores for the Jig were posted. Daddy got to put her second medal on her as she had placed 3rd in that event too.

We left Cincinnati behind by 9:30, two medals in hand and a bright future in Irish Dance ahead.

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  1. eileen loftus
    eileen loftus says:

    Hannah, congraulations on your medals-how wonderful is this. Keep up the great work and looking forward to hearing about more medals. Cousin Eileen

  2. Auntie
    Auntie says:

    Congratulations Hannah. Well done……what a beginning. To the support team….well done also. Love….Auntie S…..

  3. MJ
    MJ says:

    I am VERY proud of you and know you will go far!
    With LOTS of LOVE rom your Daddy’s cousin, Mary Jane…now in LOndon…who also did Irish dancing when she was your age!
    WELL DONE Honey

  4. Geneva
    Geneva says:

    Congratulations! You looked great on the video. Keep up the great dancing!
    Lots of love ,
    Aunt Geneva

  5. Glessie T. Reeder
    Glessie T. Reeder says:

    Congratulations Hannah. I really enjoyed the video. You are a very good dancer. Thank your Dad for sharing the good news with me.
    Go Girl Go!
    Love Aunt Glessie


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