Kids Say v.2.0…

You may remember the first edition of Kids Say, but the girl child has added a few more gems so I though I would share.

  • Her – “Can I be excused?”… from the table.
    Me – “How much did you eat?”
    Her – “I don’t know.”
    Me – “Well how much is left?”
    Her – “Three halfs.”
  • Her commenting on my son’s sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpas house;
    Her – “He is lucky, he’s gonna get donuts.”
    Me – “Why do you think he is going to get donuts/”
    Her – “Cause Grandpa always gets donuts when we beg.”
  • While on our way to the Father/Daughter Dance, I pointed out an absolutely beautiful sunset to my daughter. She replied, “that sunset is beautiful. They did it for the people going to the Father/Daughter Dance because they think we are so cool we deserve it.”
  • I introduced the kids to a band from Newfoundland called Great Big Sea, and she has been listening to their music ever since she was born. She has quite a musical ambition and she told me; “Once I grow up I’m gonna have to tell my band I break up with them ’cause I’m gonna go work with the Great Big Sea band.”

Keep checking back for our next edition 🙂

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