Kids Say, v.4.0

I really love how children use the English language. Most times I am amazed at their comprehension, like yesterday when Hannah was complaining about one of her cuticles, she is just 7 by the way. More often than not, it is in how they use the language incorrectly based on something they have heard that gets me. For example, in the past two weeks I have heard Hannah say:

“I didn’t eat the Desitin”
What she meant to say was, ‘I didn’t eat the desiccant,’ you know, that little packet of drying agent found in stereo equipment boxes and some food packaging. Desitin, by the way, is the thick lotion you put on a baby’s bottom for diaper rash.

“I squeezed it to get the rust out”
She had scratched a small pimple of her cheek to get out the pus, not the rust.

“It’s probably one of those solar system calls”
My wife overheard this one and passed it on. We get a lot of sales calls and sometimes we call them solicitation calls. Caller ID saves us from having to talk to a lot of these people and when my wife didn’t answer, Hannah mentioned the solar system call. She meant solicitation.

“Dad, Friday night, Fearless Bueller is on Nick”
I know you know she meant Ferris Bueller.

And finally… “Dad, your computer just asked for Misses Voyager.”
I downloaded a soundbite from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to use as my email notification. If you have seen the movie, its the scene when the arrow with the note on it comes whizzing though the air and impales the lackey in the chest, after which he responds ‘message for you sir.’

One days she is going to stop making these verbal faux pas. I am really going to miss them.

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