Kids Say, v.5.0

As they get older, the kids say items get fewer and fewer but Hannah and my niece recently came up with a few.

While on a recent vacation to the beach we walked by the showers near the shore. There was a sign on them that said ‘Non-Potable Water.’ I explained to the kids that non-potable water meant it was safe for showering, but not to drink it. The next day as we passed the showers and I asked Hannah if she remembered what I told her. She replied, ‘yup, that water in non-portable’.

Also on vacation we picked up Jibitz which are decoration for Crocs shoes. We also picked up a few for a little neighbor girl (who is also named Hannah) for her birthday in a few weeks. Our first day back and still a long way from Hannah’s b-day, my Hannah comes up to me and says, ‘Dad, where are the giblets’? I must have looked a bit confused because she continued, ‘you know, the giblets for the Crocs’. I had a flash of brilliance and figured out what she meant. ‘You mean the Jibitz. Giblets are the guts from chickens and turkeys’ I told her. Thank God, for a minute I thought she was asking to feed a new pet.

Lastly, Kaylie, my niece who is 9 and who is in training to be a model (she isn’t really in training but if you watched her for a while you’d swear she was). Well Kaylie announced to all of us that she decided to become a vegetarian at least for the day and that she could turn it on and off as she wished. That isn’t necessarily a kids says moment, but then she said she was going to go lactose intolerant too, and she could turn that on and off. Ah, if it were only that easy.

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