They really do love each other…

How many of you parents get tired of hearing your kids bickering with each other? I know I do. Sometimes it seems that bickering is the only way they can communicate. And sometimes, even when they are trying to help each other it comes across as being mean-spirited, like when Noah yells at Hannah not to eat something. He is only concerned with her getting hold of something that might stir up her food allergies, but he sounds really mean when he ‘warns’ her.

Anyway, I asked that question to get to this one. How many times have they done something so loving that all the bickering just seems to be erased? Well, Hannah did it last night.

My wife had gone out to the video store and picked up a movie for us, a Goosebumps movie for Noah, and a Hillary Duff movie for Hannah. I must say that Hillary is much more acceptable than those Olsen twins movies that Hannah also likes, but I digress. So anyway, we were all watching the Duff movie and it was really sad, I mean the brother dies and Hillary just can’t go on, yada, yada, yada. Some of it actually had me teary, the wife too.

So there we sat, watching a scene after the brother had died and Hannah says, “if that were my brother, I would build a ladder up to the sky and go get him.” Not only does she want him around, even with all the ways they annoy each other, she just knows that he will be in heaven when it is his time.

I heard that and I looked at my wife to find we both had tears in our eyes. They really do love each other.

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