We aren’t all so lucky….

OK, maybe being first generation Irish American makes me think today is my day, or at least more so than all you wannabes 😉

So anyway, just about every other day of the year I display an American flag and a US Navy flag on the front of my house. But on this one special day, I break out my ‘heritage flags,’ the flag of Ireland and a Green and Red County flag for Mayo, the county of my Mum’s birth.

Well last year I had shared a picture of the Green and Red flying at my house with Mike Baynes from the Tweed Centre in Castlebar, Ireland. Although Mike and I have never met, we have exchanged emails after he saw my Ireland movie and I was actually in his store the last time I was in Ireland. Mike figured that my Green and Red may be a bit tattered so he sent me a new Mayo flag. Even though it came to the States via my Uncle Peter, to my Mum in Florida, and then through the US Postal Service, it arrived just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, and I was so excited I decided to put the flags out a day earlier this year.


To Mike B., thanks so much for your kindness. Your gift is a truly welcome addition to my annual heritage celebration! I only wish I could be over in Ireland tomorrow so that I might buy you a pint to return the kindness.

To everyone else, have a wonderful holiday! No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all share this holiday. Be careful out there.


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