I was detained at the border…

...on my way into America... twice! If you happened to read my DMV adventures and the issues I had considering my common name, you are going to love this one... The entire family went up to Niagara Falls this past weekend for an Irish Dance competition for my daughter, and we stayed on the Canadian side. Getting into Canada was easy, a few questions, and we were on our way to the hotel. We had a nice meal and hit the hotel to rest up for the competition in New York, just over the border, the next Read more [...]

A great email in broken English….

If any of you have gone through the public photos on my site, you may have stumbled across the pictures of the World's Best Chicken, a little roasted chicken place in Castelvolturno, Italy (near Naples). Well today, I got an email from Giuseppe (Peppe) who owns the restaurant that had just a few words in broken English: "Hallo Mike, I have see photo my pizzeria, are beautyfull. Many tank. If you want you can see my site in the web. The andress is: www.ristopizzadomizia.it" I had many great Read more [...]

Danger in the skies…

I didn't make this up :) Flatulence Forces Plane to Land NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It is considered polite to light a match after passing gas. Not while on a plane. An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Monday morning after a passenger lit a match to disguise the scent of flatulence, authorities said. The Dallas-bound flight was diverted to Nashville after several passengers reported smelling burning sulfur from the matches, said Lynne Lowrance, spokeswoman Read more [...]

Guidare en Napoli, Uno Cento Uno

Or, Naples Driving 101, at least I think that is what that means. That is what I meant when I typed it. "Cars in Naples are either dented, dinged, scraped or are potentially one of those." J.J. O'Connor I am on my ninth (I think) trip to Naples courtesy of your tax dollars (directed at those employed tax-paying Americans) via the US Navy, and on my trips, I have made several observations that I thought I would document to help anyone who is traveling to Naples (Italy, not Florida) prepare for driving Read more [...]

Triple crossing…

On my website's About page, I have the following; "I have crossed beneath the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine, crossed over its surface on a ship and flew over it in an airplane. I have never met anyone else who has done all three." Well, the other day, I got an email from another gentleman who has done the Triple Cross, and get this, his name is Jerry Michael Ward, but he goes by Mike. Not only am I not the only person who has done the Triple Cross, I'm not even the only Mike Ward who has done it Read more [...]