New Friends and Chinese Food

I love to travel, and because of the Navy I have had plenty of opportunity. The one thing I dislike about travel is traveling alone, which is another thing I have plenty of opportunity to do. During the work day it’s not so bad, but going out to eat and sightseeing is just depressing if you do it alone, even if you are in some great foreign land.

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I go to Italy every year to do some maintenance and upgrades on a web app I wrote for the Navy about 6 years ago, and was over there in late October. Thankfully, I met a few guys who made my trip probably the most enjoyable one I have had in quite some time.

Guus and Jan, contractors for NATO who live in Belgium and Pat, a US Lieutenant from Maryland and I ate, drank, quoted movies, discussed politics and laughed. I hadn’t laughed that much in a long time and I made friends that I hope to see again.

See the all the photos from our Chinese dinner adventure on Flickr!

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  1. Margie
    Margie says:

    Hello Mike,

    I really enjoy reading your website and viewing your pictures. I have always wanted to travel. Your life is very interesting. I registared my name and email on here so that I can view more. However, I didn’t receive a password yet.

    It was also very interesting to see all the other Mike Ward’s out there. I am sure there are alot more than that as well. My real father’s name is Mike Ward, but I have never met him. I didn’t find out his name until three years ago. I would love to find him to see what is personality is like, if he has any children, what is his life like. I know it won’t be easy since his name is so common. Another issue in the back of my mind is the thought that he may not even know I exsist.

    It is a pleasure to meet you, even if we are not related, you have a very interesting life. I thought to at least let you know a little about me and how I found your website was because of my search. Your website is great and you did a nice job on designing it. Your pictures and articles are awesome to!


    Margie Richardson (Turner)


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