Robin Williams got nothing on me….

I know I have said it in the past, but I am going to miss it when my kids are all grown up and don’t think their parents are ‘all that’ anymore. Case in point:

Hannah and I were watching the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, and at the end of the show, Robin Williams comes out on stage to get the annual celebrity sliming. If you have no clue what I am talking about, you probably don’t have kids, but anyway…

I point to Robin and I said to Hannah, ‘see him sweetie, he is the funniest man in the world.’ She gets this really sad look on her face, a hurt, pouty look and while I was trying to figure out what was wrong she said ‘you mean you aren’t?’

I won’t be everything to her forever, but right now, I still am. 🙂

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