Umm… vegetarian food…

I get an ‘interesting trivia’ email from a colleague just about daily and todays included the following:

“Did you know that today is Vegetarian Food Day? If you’ve never been convinced before, try out some new vegetarian recipes today, just for fun.

Try grilled eggplant slices with fresh slices of mozzarella, roasted red peppers and proscuito – Outstanding ”

Whats wrong with that picture?

For the answer, find out what the last ingredient (actually spelled Prosciutto) is.

Have a fun meat-free day everybody!

One thought on “Umm… vegetarian food…”

  1. The force must be strong with my wife. I’m sure she had no idea that today was Vegitarian Food Day, yet our dinner menu tonight was Bocca Burgers and cole slaw…

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