I remember my first time…

I was standing in line at Starbucks on Sunday, waiting to get a little caffiene fix, when I overheard a 20 something male ask his friend a question about Frappuccinos. Not trying to listen in, but hearing what was being said anyway, the next thing out of his mouth surprised me.

“I have never been to Starbucks before.”

My immediate thought, where the hell has this guy been? Never been to Starbucks, jeez. Even my kids like Starbucks. Sure they always go for the fun cold drinks or the hot chocolate, although given the chance I am sure Noah would try something with coffee in it, but they have still been to Starbucks.

And then it kinda hit me. Who the hell am I to judge anyone who hasn’t been to Starbucks? What makes me so great? The fact that I pay $5 for a coffee doesn’t make me any better than anyone else, in fact, since there are plenty of great coffees for less than $2 a cup out there it makes me wonder who the ‘loser’ really is.

All this went through my head kind of quick and when I came back to reality, I realized I was looking at the guy, kind of staring past him, and he was looking back at me. I just smiled and said, ‘I remember my first time.”

Maybe he didn’t like the coffee, he’d probably be better off.

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