Kids Say, v.11.0… a twofer (maybe 3)

For some reason, the kids have just been funny the last few days, for example:

Last night while on the way to Grandma’s house I was scanning the new Sirius lineup in my truck. I landed on a French station and just for fun, I asked the kids what language they were speaking. Hannah piped up right up, I mean within a second and said “French!” followed closely by a “huahn, huahn, hauhn…” That’s probably not spelled right but picture a snooty Frenchman laughing, very funny stuff.

Well tonight, we went out to eat at a local restaurant and bar that has some great burgers. On Saturday they have live music and Noah, my 12 year old guitar aficionado really wanted to hear the band play. They started at eight so I didn’t make any promises and told him we’d just wait and see if we were going to stay that long.

While we ate, we were talking about what kind of music the band might sing. Considering the neighborhood and the bar I said they might be rock or country. Around 7:30 we were still eating and two guys came in to set up, one guy wearing a football jersey and backwards ballcap and the other a leather coat and cowboy hat. Noah leaned over to me and said “cowboy hats are never a good sign.”

They got the equipment set up and tested, and did the mandatory strumming of the guitars and the “check, check, check” to which Hannah replied, “why do they always play that song.”

We listened for a few songs, there were two acoustic guitars and they did covers, not too bad really. They played Hotel California for Noah and he told me they were doing power cords, like, I would know the difference. On the way out he said “at least they weren’t one of those country bands that make your ears bleed.”

You think they try to be funny or are just naturally gifted like their Dad? 😉

Kids Say, v.10.0

Had a few this week:

We had no power for three days due to a wind storm last Sunday. After two and a half days we had to empty the fridge because of spoilage and we put a candle in the fridge so we could see since it was dark outside. Hannah said, is it safe to put a candle in the fridge and I said ‘don’t worry honey, it goes out when you close the door’. I know thats not a kids say but the look on her face was priceless.

When the power returned it was dark and the people across the street had lights on on just the first floor. When Hannah saw that the second floor was dark she said “the people across the street only got half their power back.”

Finally Noah, the fair-haired boy who just entered 7th grade remarked; “I’m afraid I am going to have to start shaving before the end of seventh grade.” Not funny to you probably but he was serious and bowling balls need shaves more than he does.

I am afraid to admit that the Kids Say are fewer and farther in between. They are just growing up too fast.

Parental Pride

I just watched Michael Phelps get his first gold at the 2008 Olympics. I saw his Mom in the stands, I heard the National Anthem. I wept.

I wondered if I would ever see any of my children represent the United States in a similar feat. I realized it really doesn’t matter, I love them for what they are, anything else would just be a bonus.

Kids Say, v.9.0

Went for a walk at lunch with Hannah who rode her bike. As we went through the neighborhood I noticed she was having trouble stopping so I checked her brakes, commenting to her that one of them needed to be adjusted.

She said ok and then asked, ‘can you tell me how to turn on my blinker?’ ‘Your blinker’ I asked. ‘Yes, that big shiny square on the front and back.’

I laughed, as often happens during our conversations, and said, ‘those are reflectors.’ ‘Oh’, she said, ‘whats a reflector?’

As much as I enjoy watching her grow, I am going to miss these times even more.

Kids Say, v.8.0

‘Kids Say’ worthy quotes are fewer and farther in between, but occasionally one of the kids comes up with one. The most recent both came from Hannah.

Crisis in the Middle Ages

I overheard Hannah laughing in the back seat of the car and when I asked her why she said, “I just saw an old man in a sporty car. He is having a middle age crisis.”

What kind of fish is that?

While at the grocery we decided to have fish for dinner and Hannah helped us pick out what kind of fish we were going to have. Before we even started cooking, Noah asked what was for dinner and we replied fish. “What kind” he asked and Hannah replied “caught fish.” My wife and I both cracked up and through our laughter we said, “no Sweetie, its cod fish.”

She is funny without even trying… at least to us.

English is hard….

Hannah was telling me about the list of items the teacher requested for a granola recipe.

“It says shelled sunflower seeds but I think she means unshelled.”

“Oh, so she wants the shells on?” I asked.

“No, shells off.” she replied.

“Shelled, means shells off sweetie.”

“Oh” she said, but she had that look on her face that said ‘who makes up these words”?

I am really going to miss these times. They make me smile.

I think this is better…

We started the day by giving Hannah her birthday present from us and then we did the regular Saturday morning drill, guitar lessons, dance lessons and errands. In between all that we bought Hannah a present from Noah and then just tried to make our errands fun while killing time till her party.

So what is better you ask? Well, we were walking through Sam’s Club and Hannah looked up at me and said, ‘Dad, you know how you told me not to act like a queen this weekend because it was my birthday?’ ‘Of course I do’ I said, ‘why?’ ‘Because’ she replied, ‘you’re treating me like one.’

I appreciated the fact the kids took to heart what I had told them, but I think it is even better that a 9 year old appreciates what her parents do, even while we are dragging her around doing Saturday morning errands.

God I hope that lasts.

Parenting Reverse Psychology

My daughter is about to celebrate her 9th birthday and I know this is going to cause some issues with the 12 year old son who thinks she gets too much attention already. (They get equal attention but you know how kids are). So, this morning I attempted a preemptive strike with individual discussions with each of them:

Me to the daughter: “I know it’s your birthday weekend but that doesn’t mean you get to be queen and act all snotty to your brother, OK?”
Her: “OK Daddy.”

Me to the son: “You know its your sister’s birthday weekend so she is going to act like a queen this weekend so don’t get upset when she does. You’ve already had your weekend OK?”
Him: “OK Dad.”

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes 😉

Confidence and honesty…

Noah has taken to the guitar quite well. People that have been playing all their life are impressed with his ability and it has helped build his confidence, but hasn’t taken away from the traits I admire so much in him. Read more

Kids Say, v.7.0

It’s Noah’s turn…

Trying to compliment his sister on how smart she has gotten in her 8 years, after she said something particularly intelligent he said:

“Wiseness comes with age.”

If you don’t understand, maybe you just aren’t old enough.