They really do love each other…

How many of you parents get tired of hearing your kids bickering with each other? I know I do. Sometimes it seems that bickering is the only way they can communicate. And sometimes, even when they are trying to help each other it comes across as being mean-spirited, like when Noah yells at Hannah not to eat something. Read more

6 year old sleepover

My daughter is having a sleepover with her friend tomorrow night and she presented me with a written list of what she wants to do during the sleepover. Can anybody help me decipher this? Read more

As American as apple….

From the other room I heard my son telling my daughter to stop. First reaction, OK what now… as he comes running into my office saying “look what she did!”

A little background first. My daughter has been into apples, but lately, she likes chewing the peel off of them and leaving most of the meat of the apple there. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. As long as she is eating something even remotely healthy, I’m happy. So back to the story…

He comes in holding this apple that she has ‘peeled’ and says ‘what does this look like to you?’ I saw it right away, a map of North America.

I know what you’re thinking, the daughter was just being clever. Well, she is that, but she is 6 and thinks Ireland is a state and Indiana is a whole other country. She might recognize the US on a map or globe but she couldn’t recall it well enough to chew an apple skin off to recreate it with the peel.

So, I thought this was a rather cool event and I documented it electronically for posterity sake. It has been provided below for your viewing pleasure.


It’s got everything, Maine, Florida, and Texas, a skinny Central America and even the top of South America. All in all, a fairly excellent job if I might say so myself. And if you look hard enough, you can see my baby in the background grinning with excitement at the enthusiasm her Dad showed at her remarkable feat.

OK… so it was really cool to me 🙂

Kids Say…

I have been tracking the things my daughter (who is 6 at the time of this initial post) says/asks. Not everything mind you, just the stuff that makes me see the world through her eyes. Read more