Hannah, spell ‘fret’…

You may recall the previous post on Hannah’s writing and spelling ability. Well last night she added a new keeper to the category of Hannah learns to spell.

We were sitting around the dinner table finishing our meal while Hannah, who had already finished, broke out a pencil and paper so she could practice for her spelling test. She is on words that end in ‘et’ and ‘ig’ and she cruised through all her practice words with ease. She asked if we could give her a few challenge words, you know, a bit harder than her practice words so we could further test her ability.

After writing down a few, I said, ‘Hannah, spell fret’ to which my wife added, ‘you know, like don’t fret.’ As we watched she put pencil to paper and started writing;


Well, we lost it. It was one of those spit take moments and my wife, son and I laughed hysterically. Hannah, dejected because she thought we were laughing at her got this real pouty look on her face and put her head down on the table.

‘No sweetie’ I said, ‘we aren’t laughing at you. You just spelled fart.’ A big smile came across her face and as she started laughing she said, ‘well, at least I know how to spell THAT.’

As much as I want to see my kids grow up, I’m really going to miss times like this, sigh…

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