Live with it…

Someone in my house, although I won’t mention any names, is turning 40 today. No, its not me, I passed that mark a few years ago.

Anyway, we had a party this weekend and my neice, who is 8, wrote a lovely card that I just had to share.

On the front;
“I know how you feel, wishing you were 10 again, but face it you’re 40, so live with it!”

and inside;
“You’re my favorite 40 year old aunt (and my only one). Love you, Kaylie”

Talk about getting to the point. I think Kaylie has a future at Hallmark.

RES v.2006 (5) – Weight (+3) | Exercise (+) | Eating Out (16%)

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  1. Brian the Red
    Brian the Red says:

    “Weight (+3) | Exercise (+)”

    Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so some of that + in the Weight column might be because of the + Exercise one. 🙂 At least tell yourself that anyway.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:


    The other thing that I think is more important to note is that chicken wings weigh more than lettuce, but I try NOT to tell myself that 😉


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