Kids Say…

I have been tracking the things my daughter (who is 6 at the time of this initial post) says/asks. Not everything mind you, just the stuff that makes me see the world through her eyes.

Since I have been able how to get this blog online, it gives me the perfect venue to keep track of what she says in a place where everyone can enjoy it (instead of the .txt file on my desktop). Some of my favorites so far are;

  • “I’ve been practicing all my life…well, not all my life. The first day was last Sunday.”
  • “When people go to heaven, do they bring their clothes?”
  • Her – “Dad, I got diarrhea.”
    Me – “Don’t worry baby, everyone gets diarrhea.”
    Her – “Even Chinese people?”
  • While driving we saw two emergency vehicles with lights and sirens blaring. She started laughing and said, “Daddy, did you see that Policeman chasing that fire truck.”
  • At age 5 – “One of my friends said I ruined her life.”
  • “If you pull down your pants at school you get attention… (laughs from the entire family). Um, I mean dattention.”
  • From the other room I hear;
    Her – “PU, that’s nasty…”
    Me – “what’s the matter baby?”
    Her – “I tooted in my own face.”
  • “You mean Canadians can speak English!?”

Update – 11/20/2005

We were having a discussion on how to spell names, she is really into spelling, and I asked her how she would spell my proper name.
Me – “Well sweetie, how do you spell Michael?”
Her – “M-i-k-e-o-l”
Me – “Actually it is M-i-c-h-a-e-l”
Her – “Ooohhh, I was so close.”

I wish I had her confidence.

One day, she is going to find these and probably get really embarassed(or mad). Can’t wait to hear what she says then. 😉

Do you have similar quotes you want to share?

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