The week in review

Two big stories in the news this week that I felt I needed to comment on:

Vice President Shoots Fellow Hunter

OK, so what? I mean it was a hunting accident, happens all the time and it barely makes the news everywhere else, but the fact that the VP did it and it is headline news. And then some people (democrats and journalists) turn the fact that he didn’t tell anyone right away into some big conspiracy. I mean did anyone think that maybe getting his friend to the hospital and making sure he was ok was more important than alerting the media. I mean Cheney wasn’t hiding behind some grassy knoll for cripes sake… shit happens, even to the Vice President.

On the lighter side of this story, every time I hear about Cheney’s accident while quail hunting I think about Cheney Quayle hunting. 🙂 Oh come on, you probably thought it too.

Saddam Hussein goes on hunger strike


He is on a hunger strike to protest his treatment. I think he is probably still WAY better off than he was in the hole they found him in. I mean he allegedly killed thousands of people during his dictatorship so what does he expect, tea, crumpets and fluffy pillows.

Mr. Hussein, you made your own bed and now you have to lay in it, or go hungry in it as the case may be.

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