What’s in a name? Maybe a smile….

When we were traveling last week we stopped at a Bojangles in Kentucky for a quick meal. We walked in and this young lady asked if she could help us. Reading her name tag, I said something like, 'you sure can Gloria' and with the words barely out of my mouth I noticed this large grin on her face. Gloria looked at me and said, 'no one ever uses my name, its always girl or hey you.' I always try to use a name if I see it, and her response made me realize this wasn't the first time I had gotten such Read more [...]

It’s all in how you look at it….

I was relating a story to my wife I had heard on NPR that said that Ohio was the 15th fattest state in America. I told her that I had thought we were in the top 5 and was actually surprised that we weren't because I had heard contradicting stories in the past. Generally, we (my family) eat pretty well, although we are still working with Hannah, but like most people we could do better. With this is mind, and being my normal sarcastic self I said, 'we could always move to Colorado. They are the thinnest Read more [...]

Parents just don’t understand…

I was doing a Blingo search the other day and I came across this post on MySpace written by a young man whose blog reminded me very much of how I felt at his age. I won't go into details, or post a link to it, but it was one of those things that gave me a 'boy, do I know how you feel' moment. Well, an 'at least I know how I felt' moment so I decided to post a little 'hey don't worry, it'll get better' reply. He wrote a nice note and thanked me, so over the next few days I checked back at his blog Read more [...]

I remember my first time…

I was standing in line at Starbucks on Sunday, waiting to get a little caffiene fix, when I overheard a 20 something male ask his friend a question about Frappuccinos. Not trying to listen in, but hearing what was being said anyway, the next thing out of his mouth surprised me. "I have never been to Starbucks before." My immediate thought, where the hell has this guy been? Never been to Starbucks, jeez. Even my kids like Starbucks. Sure they always go for the fun cold drinks or the hot chocolate, Read more [...]

We aren’t all so lucky….

OK, maybe being first generation Irish American makes me think today is my day, or at least more so than all you wannabes ;) So anyway, just about every other day of the year I display an American flag and a US Navy flag on the front of my house. But on this one special day, I break out my 'heritage flags,' the flag of Ireland and a Green and Red County flag for Mayo, the county of my Mum's birth. Well last year I had shared a picture of the Green and Red flying at my house with Mike Baynes Read more [...]

The week in review

Two big stories in the news this week that I felt I needed to comment on: Vice President Shoots Fellow Hunter OK, so what? I mean it was a hunting accident, happens all the time and it barely makes the news everywhere else, but the fact that the VP did it and it is headline news. And then some people (democrats and journalists) turn the fact that he didn't tell anyone right away into some big conspiracy. I mean did anyone think that maybe getting his friend to the hospital and making sure he was Read more [...]

WordPress 2.0 is here…

I will be the first to admit that I know very little about PHP and have only been running WordPress for about 2 months. Tonight I saw that WordPress 2.0 had been released and I had had just enought beer to say to myself, "hey, I should upgrade!" If I hadn't had the beer I would have known not to try it, but you know what, followed the instructions and was running WordPress 2.0 on my site in about 15 minutes. Great job WordPress! Read more [...]