Snap! All this cruft made me tump my beer…

I must have missed the memo because there are new words being used that I never heard of…

I was reading this book, and this blog and both of them use the word cruft. Although I understood the intent, Merriam-Webster didn’t have an explanation. Thankfully, did.

Next one, snap. Yes, I know snap is a word but not used like I have been seeing it used. Everytime my six year old daughter gets little irritated she says SNAP! It actually reminds me of when I would say crap, but I can’t imagine my little baby being that imaginative as to make up an acceptable alternative to an expletive. Can anyone clue me in on that one?

Update 11/19/05 – For those of you thinking it is from Chicken Little, thats not it. She has been saying snap for a few months and we just saw CL tonight.

Lastly, tump. That’s one of those words that your buddy says is a word and you tell him he is full of shit. Well, and Merriam-Webster both say he isn’t. Needless to say, I apologized to my buddy.

What have you been hearing that is new to you?

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:


    Dude, I about died when my brother told me this. My brother’s friend told this to him, he says, I’m guessing because he won’t admit to watching Cops. Neither will I…

    So the cops answered a domestic call, and arrested this guy, and the cops asked him what happened. He said, “I was trying to get some skank on my hang down, and my old lady hit me with a smoodie.” Cops: “Smoodie?”
    Guy: “Yeah.”
    Cops: “She hit you with a smoodie? What’s a smoodie?”
    Guy: “You know, what you use to smood the wrinkles out your clothes; a smoodie.”


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