I was detained at the border…

...on my way into America... twice! If you happened to read my DMV adventures and the issues I had considering my common name, you are going to love this one... The entire family went up to Niagara Falls this past weekend for an Irish Dance competition for my daughter, and we stayed on the Canadian side. Getting into Canada was easy, a few questions, and we were on our way to the hotel. We had a nice meal and hit the hotel to rest up for the competition in New York, just over the border, the next Read more [...]

NKR (not quite right) v.1.0

While I was mobilized I spent 3 weeks in Malaysia which a Navy colleague refered to as the 'Land of NKR (not quite right)'. I actually thought it was fine but his title did inspire me start gathering my own NKR moments. Here is the first installment of things I noticed on my recent vacation to Florida over the Thanksgiving break: Its just not the same... Walking in a Winter Wonderland really looses its meaning when played on steel kettledrums at the beach. Words on the butt... We have all seen those Read more [...]

The Rise and Fall of a Modeling Career

A lot of people have asked about the avatar I use for my Twitter profile so I thought it would be easier just to point them here. Back in 1994 I was working for Midwest Micro, a local company that was competing with Gateway. I worked in the advertising department where I was a manager. We advertised in many of the Ziff Davis publications, Computer World, PC Computing and Computer Shopper and the creative director planned these elaborate multi page spreads that appeared in these publications. Most Read more [...]

I am 3 Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

It goes like this: Brian Cesak was in Fandango (1985) with Kevin Costner; Kevin Costner was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon; therefore Brian Cesak has a Bacon number of 2. Brian Cesak, after his moment in the Hollywood sun joined the Navy. I was mobilized with Brian to Seventh Fleet onboard the USS Blue Ridge in support of the Global War on Terror right after 9/11. So, although I wasn't in a movie, I worked with Brian and I am 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon! I know, it means nothing really, but if you Read more [...]

Umm… vegetarian food…

I get an 'interesting trivia' email from a colleague just about daily and todays included the following: "Did you know that today is Vegetarian Food Day? If you've never been convinced before, try out some new vegetarian recipes today, just for fun. Try grilled eggplant slices with fresh slices of mozzarella, roasted red peppers and proscuito - Outstanding " Whats wrong with that picture? For the answer, find out what the last ingredient (actually spelled Prosciutto) is. Have a fun meat-free Read more [...]

The devil IS in the drink….

For reasons I won't go into now, I was cleaning up my desk at work. Over my desk I have your usual office paraphernalia, a couple Sponge Bob toys, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible action figures (the wife and I bear a remarkable resemblance), and a few plants. The plants are clippings from the plants throughout the office that I just stick into old beer bottles where they 'root' and I can transplant them to a pot later. Well, as I was cleaning, I knocked over one of the bottles and stood there horrified Read more [...]

Exactly how big are English livers?

Stumbled across this Navy headline in The Mirror on Wednesday night; which of course begs the question, exactly how big were English livers in WWII? I mean, the Germans built 7 foot long bombs to take them out. Jan obviously meant 'live bomb' but to remove any further ambiguity the headline was changed a few hours later to read; WW2 BOMB GETS BLOWN TO BLITZ. Read more [...]