Kids Sing v.1.0

We all know the Yankee Doodle classic with the line that goes, ‘stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.’ Well, last night Hannah came in singing;

‘found a stack of feathered hats in his macaroni’

Has there been a Yankee Doodle re-write nobody told me about?

Kids Say, v.10.0

Had a few this week:

We had no power for three days due to a wind storm last Sunday. After two and a half days we had to empty the fridge because of spoilage and we put a candle in the fridge so we could see since it was dark outside. Hannah said, is it safe to put a candle in the fridge and I said ‘don’t worry honey, it goes out when you close the door’. I know thats not a kids say but the look on her face was priceless.

When the power returned it was dark and the people across the street had lights on on just the first floor. When Hannah saw that the second floor was dark she said “the people across the street only got half their power back.”

Finally Noah, the fair-haired boy who just entered 7th grade remarked; “I’m afraid I am going to have to start shaving before the end of seventh grade.” Not funny to you probably but he was serious and bowling balls need shaves more than he does.

I am afraid to admit that the Kids Say are fewer and farther in between. They are just growing up too fast.

Kids Say, v.9.0

Went for a walk at lunch with Hannah who rode her bike. As we went through the neighborhood I noticed she was having trouble stopping so I checked her brakes, commenting to her that one of them needed to be adjusted.

She said ok and then asked, ‘can you tell me how to turn on my blinker?’ ‘Your blinker’ I asked. ‘Yes, that big shiny square on the front and back.’

I laughed, as often happens during our conversations, and said, ‘those are reflectors.’ ‘Oh’, she said, ‘whats a reflector?’

As much as I enjoy watching her grow, I am going to miss these times even more.

Kids Say, v.8.0

‘Kids Say’ worthy quotes are fewer and farther in between, but occasionally one of the kids comes up with one. The most recent both came from Hannah.

Crisis in the Middle Ages

I overheard Hannah laughing in the back seat of the car and when I asked her why she said, “I just saw an old man in a sporty car. He is having a middle age crisis.”

What kind of fish is that?

While at the grocery we decided to have fish for dinner and Hannah helped us pick out what kind of fish we were going to have. Before we even started cooking, Noah asked what was for dinner and we replied fish. “What kind” he asked and Hannah replied “caught fish.” My wife and I both cracked up and through our laughter we said, “no Sweetie, its cod fish.”

She is funny without even trying… at least to us.

Kids Say, v.7.0

It’s Noah’s turn…

Trying to compliment his sister on how smart she has gotten in her 8 years, after she said something particularly intelligent he said:

“Wiseness comes with age.”

If you don’t understand, maybe you just aren’t old enough.

Kids Say, v.6.0

Last night while dinner was being prepared, the kids where watching Radio Disney or some other age appropriate music channel. Noah came to the table singing the songs he had heard and I asked him to stop for dinner. He looked at me and said, ‘I can’t help it, they are in my head.’ Wait for it…. Read more

Kids Say, v.4.0

I really love how children use the English language. Most times I am amazed at their comprehension, like yesterday when Hannah was complaining about one of her cuticles, she is just 7 by the way. More often than not, it is in how they use the language incorrectly based on something they have heard Read more