Parents just don’t understand…

I was doing a Blingo search the other day and I came across this post on MySpace written by a young man whose blog reminded me very much of how I felt at his age. I won’t go into details, or post a link to it, but it was one of those things that gave me a ‘boy, do I know how you feel’ moment. Well, an ‘at least I know how I felt’ moment so I decided to post a little ‘hey don’t worry, it’ll get better’ reply. Read more

6000 hits in 2 weeks….

OK, just checked out the stats for my little home on the web and I realized I have had about 6000 hits in the past 2 weeks. Cool, but huh…? Read more

The devil IS in the drink….

For reasons I won’t go into now, I was cleaning up my desk at work. Over my desk I have your usual office paraphernalia, a couple Sponge Bob toys, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible action figures (the wife and I bear a remarkable resemblance), and a few plants. Read more

Exactly how big are English livers?

Stumbled across this Navy headline in The Mirror on Wednesday night;


which of course begs the question, exactly how big were English livers in WWII? I mean, the Germans built 7 foot long bombs to take them out.

Jan obviously meant ‘live bomb’ but to remove any further ambiguity the headline was changed a few hours later to read; WW2 BOMB GETS BLOWN TO BLITZ.

I remember my first time…

I was standing in line at Starbucks on Sunday, waiting to get a little caffiene fix, when I overheard a 20 something male ask his friend a question about Frappuccinos. Not trying to listen in, but hearing what was being said anyway, the next thing out of his mouth surprised me. Read more

The birds and the bees…

It’s getting to be the time when the the boys start learning more about life. Noah, who is only 10 will have his first exposure to sex education at school this year, which is a little scary to me, and probably a lot worse for him. Read more